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I am Aidan Higginbotham, a Nashville-based film and tintype photographer.

My interest in photography began shortly after graduating from high school. Initially, capturing images of friends while traveling or simply spending time together, as a way of documentation. However, it was during my gap year between high school and college that my fascination with film photography truly took hold. I discovered a passion for spending time in the darkroom, spending many hours processing and developing film for myself and others.

In recent years, I undertook the restoration of an old large format camera that belonged to my father. This endeavor stemmed from my innate desire to explore new avenues and techniques in photography. It was this pursuit that eventually led me to Wet Plate Collodion, or Tintype Photography. Now, I find myself once again in the darkroom, spending time learning and trying to expand my knowledge of this new process (new to me). 

I hope to take your photo soon! 


(8x10 Tintype of me. Taken by Jess Buckley)

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